Friday, May 16, 2014

Millie Pup Comes Home

Well, it's been a long while since I've posted. I'll chalk that up to working and finishing a Master's degree. all that craziness, one of the happiest things of my whole life has happened.  If you know me even a tiny little bit, you know that I have a deep and long lasting love for the canine species.  As a little girl, I barked during my first dance recital, wrote every single creative writing assignment from kindergarten through second grade about a dog, got my family to play 101 Dalmatians with me approximately 9 times a week, you get the idea.  When we got our sweet Holly dog growing up, dreams came true.  And when I went off to college, I was ready for one of my own, but not really. [Spoiler Alert: Dogs are a lot of work and responsibility, and I needed to wait.]  So, for years, I mean YEARS, I have waited patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for the right time for me to get a pup of my own.  And then for the right pup to come along.  Here is the story of Millie.

I decided earlier in the year that I would get a puppy at the conclusion of my graduate degree.  So, I began looking diligently on  And then I found her. THE dog.  There was this little 4 month old cavapoo puppy [Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Poodle] that needed a home.  She had been at a pet store, but hadn't been taken care of.  She got sick and rather than taking her to the vet, they were going to just put her to sleep.  East Coast Humane Society heard about this and rescued her.  When I found her online, she had only been in the shelter about half a day - so I applied quickly and was accepted to adopt!  She had to stay at the shelter nearly a month before she was healthy enough to come home.  She had several parasites, Kennel Cough, and infected eyes that would require surgery.  Once she was better, she was transported to Chattanooga where Jordan and I went to pick her up.  It was one of the most joyous things I have experienced.

She was placed in my arms by a very kind man who said, "I believe she belongs to you."  And that was it.  We were officially a pair.  She took to Jordan and me pretty quickly, although she was a little scared and visibly exhausted.  The whole car ride home she took some time warming up to us.  The sweetest moment came when I crawled into the backseat to ride with her.  And she came to sit right beside me, putting her furry paw up on my leg.  And it was in that tiny moment, halfway back to Knoxville, that we both knew we were the right match.

Millie pup has settled in so nicely at home.  And we've gotten to know each other pretty well.  She loves downtown and her fox toy and helping me make my bed (please view the images below).  Oh, and she is basically the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.  She really is so good.  And she loves people.  She is like a furry little bundle of joy.

So, Millie is the pup I've waited ages for and she's here.  And I think she is pretty happy I'm her person.